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We love barbecuing and the fine art of smoking meats with exotic and popular woods such as Hickory, Mesquite, Applewood, Oak and Pecan. Our barbecued meats are seasoned with the finest herbs and seasonings before slow cooking in our smokers with our selected woods. This produces the most juicy, moist and flavorful bbq meats anywhere. We have meticulously developed and tested our own secret rib rubs and marinates and have taken the advise of hundreds of bbq lovers to create the best tasting bbq meats for our ribs, pulled pork, chickens and briskets.

We can cater any event or party from 20 to 1000 people. If you are looking for guaranteed smoked bbq goodness for your party, special occasion, company event or festival, Smokin' Jonny's BBQ is there for you!

Our barbeque is authentic and smoked using the finest quality smokers anywhere. We use the higest quality wood, herbs and spices to produce some of the best bbq meats you've ever tasted and hope we can earn your business.

For more information and pricing please call us at  (310) 324-3600. You can order from our catering menu or we can custom design a great meal to fit your budget. We also welcome you to visit our bbq restaurant to sample our delicious authentic smoke bbq entrees and sides.

Smokin' Jonny's BBQ